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    • Are you running out of time to do vital admin functions that affect the efficiency and flow of your business? We have the experience and are equipped to manage your administrative functions with ease. 

    • Need Social Media Management? A good well planned social media strategy, will keep you visible, bring more visitors to your website, build brand loyalty, and enable you to interact with your target audience quickly.

    • Too small to be formidable? We will represent you with negotiations. Help put together your profiles and your quotes. Set up your accounting and other systems. Whatever you need, talk to us.

    • We will perform general Personal Assistant duties, such as managing your email, typing your letters, making your appointments, preparing your presentations, research and development, and generally organizing your life.

    • Do you need help with reminders of Appointments, or need someone to fetch the kids when you're late? Need something delivered? We're here to take the load off, so you can do what you do best, build your business.

    • This is your Business's nurse, she will keep all the ailments away and the vitamins in. Give your Business an annual medical. Think of it as a Vitamin B shot for your Business, everyone needs a boost now and again.

    • Are You Ready to Improve the Efficiency of Your Business?

      Turning your business into a profitable operation means making it run as efficiently as possible. Your Secretary on Call has all the experience and access to all the tools to improve your business efficiency. Why not talk to us today, to see how we can improve your business?

      How it Works

    • Why An Assistant

      Most businesses need a general gofer. An all rounder. Someone who can fit in anywhere, who won't say that's not my job. Someone who will do what it takes to get the job done because they understand that it's the little things that make the most impact, and the larger things that carry the most risk. Most businesses don't need more Managers and Directors they need more feet. That's what we are, your feet when you need feet, your hands when you need hands, your ears when you need a listener and your head when you need ideas.

    • Why Choose Us

      Why on earth would you outsource your internal processes to complete strangers? That is just craziness right? We are no strangers to the world of business and have been around for 28 years, helping people. Giving people peace of mind. Educating People. Motivating people to dream bigger, go higher and streamlining businesses. We have combined all our experience and some really awesome business tools to create business strategy that is cutting edge. Lets share a latte, and see how we can help your business reach for the stars.

    • “I couldn’t believe how powerful outsourcing could be. Secretary on call complete my time-intensive tasks so that I can focus on the big picture. It was a pleasure to work with them!"

      Jackson Hollow

    • “Sec On Call are fantastic, personal professionals to work with. They follow your project from start to finish to ensure your needs and expectations are meet. Sec on call is very easy to work with, they put their clients first."

      Sarah B. Johnson

    • The services provided by Secretary On Call are top-notch. They helped me to streamline my business and gave me time to focus on doing what I love while they take care of the necessary details.

      Naomi D. Cole